Regardless of the fact that we live in a truly interconnected world, some things simply do not change when it comes to moving to another country.

There is anxiety, there are high expectations and there are many question marks. Once you're there, looking for the familiar is equally cumbersome in Luxembourg as it is in the Alanya Region. Moving to a new country cannot be compared with a two-week charter So what makes us move, anyway?

Some of us want experience from either school or work abroad. Others simply want a new and better life, a better quality of life. Many things can surprise, some things can amaze, and some things you will never understand or accept. Frustrations abroad need not to spoil the experience, and if they can be conquered, your new life on the Turkish Riviera will be much more enjoyable and educational. Multiculturalism means to be able to overcome obstacles and learn how to get the most out of your stay abroad. In daily life, one can encounter many obstacles, obstacles that are easy to solve, but that may seem difficult because one can not the language.

Although we understand what most products are, can, for example, a trip to the grocery store offer small challenges, what is vinegar or minced meat called in Turkish? Is there whipped cream, or how can one sees the difference between a large bottle of hand soap versus fabric softener?

In the Alanya region is the high calcium content in the water. This is not harmful, but gives the disadvantages of formation of deposits in pans, and heating elements, reduced foaming of detergents, deposits in pipes, mixing batteries and shower heads. This can be prevented, but what are the name products you use to do this? Most stoves use gas, where and how to order the gas when the gas tank is empty?

To stream-lined the transition to your new life in Turkey, we have put together a little guide with tips and tricks for your new life on the Turkish Riviera.


Riviera Invest helps you to order the gas and gas-bottle the first time. A number of companies are available in the area, and most will come to your door and plug in the gas for you. After initial delivery, you get a phone number you can call when you run out of gas.


The development of Internet in Alanya region has come a long way in the recent years. ADSL is in many places replaced by broadband, and wireless Internet is common in many apartment complexes. These costs are then included in the common expenses. If you live in such a resort, or plan to buy an apartment or villa, check with us in Riviera Invest about the various offers of Internet. In the same way as in Europe there are many operators to choose between. The largest in Alanya are Turk Telekom, Turkcell, Avea and Vodafone.

Contact the supplier for information on price, bandwidth and other delivery conditions for the area you live in. Or contact us in Riviera Invest for help. You can also choose mobile 3G broadband, the same way as in Europe.


Yes, most resorts has satellite antenna for European channels. In some cases you have to bring a card and receiver from the home country, while other resorts receive signals from Sirius. Then you can buy a Dreambox and Internet subscription in Turkey, and thus get European and Scandinavian channels.


Most countries have an embassy in Turkey, see for more information. Most of the embassies have services include the issue and replacement of passports, registration of births and deaths, voter registration, acceptance of notice of marriage and issuance of Certificates of No Impediment. With few exceptions, consular services attract statutory fees. Occasionally, foreign people living in or visiting Turkey get into some form of trouble. When arrested or imprisoned, consular staff can visit them and offer whatever assistance they properly can. They will also offer help and advice in other cases of need.


Foreign Residents Committee Due to the considerable population of foreigners in Alanya a foreigners’ council has been formed in the Alanya Municipality “with the aim of listening to foreigners’ perspectives, understanding their problems, and trying to contribute to solutions for them.” In addition to this there are several foreign associations in Alanya who regularly set up events, gala's and Charity bazaars as well as numerous social activites. Alanya's Finnish Association The purpose of the association is to help and advice members and find new scope of actions. The association has an office and library in Alanya centre which is open every Tuesday between 14.00 – 16.00. They also arrange excursions and nights out for the members plus help members with Turkish cultures and customs. Norwegian seaman’s church The church is all Norwegians’ (and Scandinavians) house in Alanya. For both residents and tourists who come to town, the church is both a church and a social meeting place. 


Pharmacies are called "eczane" and is found almost everywhere in Turkey. They have good experience to recommend the necessary medicine for the most common tourist diseases, such as. diarrhea, sunstroke and ear and throat infection.

At pharmacies, they normally speak English or German. After normal working hours there is always at least one pharmacy that is open. Usually, the hotel-receptionists, hospital and taxi drivers know which ones are open. Alanya has well developed health services; Well equipped state hospital, a university hospital with a dialysis center and two private hospitals. Both national and European health insurance is valid in all hospitals and medical clinics in Alanya.


Use of credit cards is common across Turkey. However, you can not take it for granted that the shops in the bazaar areas accept credit cards. It is not possible to withdraw cash in excess of the amount you are paying. If you want cash, use rather bank's ATMs. Use an ATM that is in connection with a bank. If you exchange money you can do it at Post Office (PTT) or in one of the many exchange offices located around. Remember to compare the exchange rate before you exchange!


Turkey and the Turkish Riviera, has a well developed range of public transportation. In Alanya there are two bus stations: one for local dolmus and for long distance busses. The bus station for local traffic is located at the Friday Market in Alanya City Centre, from here there are buses for the Alanya area. It's cheap to travel by bus in Turkey. Within Alanya's city borders it costs 1 to 1.25 TL with the local dolmus buses. If you want to take a bus tour to other parts of Turkey, you will find the bus station for this (Otogar) straight up from the Cleopatra Beach on the west side. From here there are daily buses to Istanbul, Ankara, Mersin, Izmir, etc. Also, a long journey by bus is cheap. You can buy tickets in Otogar, and reserve seats on the bus. Even if you travel by bus over long distances is this a comfortable and memorable trip that we absolutely recommend. Buses are modern with good air conditioning. They take breaks at regular intervals so you can stretch your legs and shop. Contact us in Riviera Invest if you have questions about public transport.


If you want to experience the Turkish Riviera on your own, then renting a car is a good idea. Contact Riviera Invest for assistance with renting a car, and for suggestions about excursions on your own.





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