TAPU means a Title Deed for real estate.

According to Turkish law, TAPU is the only official document certifying freehold of the property - an absolute title which cannot be challenged even in court.

The Turkish law set forth the procedure for issuing ownership titles. This means that, issuing a title deed, the Turkish Land Registry on behalf of the State officially guarantees that the transaction is legal and valid.

When buying property in Turkey you also acquire a land share proportional to your property which is stated in the Title Deed.

Land parcel registration system allows to specify only the number of a certain parcel without mentioning the street name as streets may be renamed one day, however parcel numbers will remain the same.

Title Deed issued for foreigners has no differences in its contents or appearance from the one issued for Turkish people. You will get the same certificate as Turkish citizens. The field 'Satış Bedeli' - Declared Price - shows the cadastral value of the real estate at the time of sale, which may differ from its real price and provide advantage in calculation of the real property tax (3%)

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